For most people, an attractive interest rate is one of the most important features. For others it is having the flexibility of a redraw facility or the ability to alter their repayments.

At Australian Finance Division we offer personalised one to one service in helping you find the right loan. We will explain in detail the different products and features on offer and help find the right loan for your needs.

Our range includes:

Residential Home Loans

Australian Finance Division helps customers to find the best home loan for their circumstances. We recognise that our clients have different needs, so we tailor a loan package that will suit them. We offer a wide range of home loans, with over 40 lenders to choose from, including:

  • standard variable rate loan
  • basic variable rate loan
  • Introductory (Honeymoon) / first home buyers
  • fixed rate loan
  • bridging loans / construction loans, including owner builder
  • line of credit / equity release loans
  • interest only home loans
  • credit impaired / loans for borrowers with credit problems or bad
  • credit history
  • low doc loans
  • reverse mortgages (for retirees)
  • investment property finance
  • debt consolidation
  • Family guarantee loans

Standard Variable Loan (Packaged and Unpackaged)

A standard variable rate home loan is one of the most common mortgages in Australia. For many borrowers, a standard home loan offers the right mix of features, flexibility, interest rate and fees.
This type of loan is particularly suitable if you want to make extra repayments without penalty, split your loan or access a line of credit. In return for these benefits, a standard variable rate mortgage will have a higher interest rate than a basic home loan.


  • repayment flexibility
  • ability to make additional repayments
  • redraw facility
  • offset feature
  • split loan feature
  • portability
  • may offer direct deposit salary, rental or dividend income,
  • credit/debit card and line of credit facility
  • can be used for building purposes
  • higher interest rates
Basic Variable Loan

Basic variable rate loans are sometimes referred to as the ‘no frills’ alternative to the standard variable rate loans. The interest rate is lower than a standard variable loan, making them attractive to the budget conscious borrower wanting a lower variable rate but with fewer features. Popular with First Home Buyers.


  • lower interest rates
  • lower ongoing fees
  • minimal features
  • owner/occupiers only in some instances

Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed rate loans are funds lent over a set term at a set interest rate. This gives the borrower the certainty of knowing exactly what their monthly repayments will be should their circumstances change. Some lenders may impose early repayment penalties if you make a lump sum reduction to your loan or you pay the loan out in full. However a fixed rate loan is ideal in a rising interest rate market as this guarantees you of your interest rate and repayments for a set time.


  • Stability – fixed repayments allow you to plan your finances and stick to your budget, even in times of economic uncertainty
  • Cost – when interest rates rise, repayments won’t increase


  • monthly repayments remain the same
  • interest rate fixed

Commercial Finance

Wide range of finance options to assist property investors and owner occupiers achieve the best pricing and structures through a varied panel of commercial lenders. We can offer:

  • loans up to 70% of the property value,
  • finance for office, retail and industrial premises
  • loan terms from 3 years to 25 years
  • interest rates as low as residential rates
  • mezzanine and second mortgage finance
Construction and Development Finance

We can arrange construction finance for residential, commercial and industrial properties. From home renovations to property development, our panel of lenders have a loan to suit your circumstances. Owner builders are also catered for.

Leasing/Hire Purchase

Australian Finance Division offers Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages and Novated Leases on a range of products including:

  • motor vehicles
  • fit outs for offices and factories
  • Plant & Equipment